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About CollaborateMD

The mission of CollaborateMD is to help healthcare entities optimize clinical and financial workflow, improve net profitability and patient care, lead healthcare collaboration, provide meaningful work opportunities for employees, give back to society, and cultivate revenue and profitability. CollaborateMD is based on providing affordable, quality solutions and excellent customer service to all who come to us, regardless of business size, type, or revenue. Innovative software functionality, superior quality and outstanding customer service is derived from unsurpassed drive, dedication, integrity, and teamwork from employees and partners.

CollaborateMD delivers a full suite of medical practice management software solutions designed to optimize the clinical and financial workflow and reduce costs in a challenging economic environment.

To learn more about CollaborateMD call toll-free at 888.348.8457 or visit


PFMS & CollaborateMD Working for You

CollaborateMD medical billing software provides the power and flexibility you need to increase productivity in your office, patient scheduling and all practice management tasks. The web-based system provides quick, ready-to-use, and fully customizable reporting capabilities. The system is one of the easiest to learn and use. Anyone in your office can be up and running in hours instead of weeks.

There are frequent updates to the CollaborateMD Software Program.  You may be required to update your program after download in order to operate properly.  Update notifications can be located on the home page below the login area.

Note about Program: You will be required to have a user identification & password (in accordance with HIPAA privacy & security laws).  If you do not have this information, or have forgotten/lost your username or password, please call PFMS at (901)756-7113 or email PFMS at




The CollaborateMD Portal

Official Link for the CMD Portal

You will be required to have a username to enter.


The CMD Portal is a simple access point for system information and resources without having the need for software.

It also provides advanced reporting with better exporting functions to programs such as MS Excel.



Contact Information

225 East Robinson Street, Suite 145

Orlando, Florida 32801 map



Sales:  888.348.8457 Option 1

Support:  888.348.8457 Option 2

PFMS Help: 901.756.7113



Getting Started with CollaborateMD (New Users)


There are a few general questions you will need to know before installing CollaborateMD on your computer.

1. What operating system are you using?

(Mac, Windows XP/Vista/7)

2. What is your Memory/RAM in your computer?

This is also known as RAM (Random Access Memory)

3. How much free hard drive space do you have?

This is the free space available on your disk drive

4. Is your operating system 32 or 64-bit?

To check the above questions (for MS Operating Systems), simply click the START button at the bottom of your desktop, right-click "My Computer" and at the bottom select "Properties".  This should have most of the key information on the screen.

After these questions have been answered, complete the form on the right which will then be submitted to PFMS.  Please fill out each section as it pertains to the above questions & will help us create your user account.  After this has been submitted you will receive an email (as well as a phone call) about downloading the program and installation.


Please Note:

PFMS will send the DOWNLOAD LINK to CollaborateMD

within the email confirming user setup (from the form).


Once you download CollaborateMD, follow the installation instructions accepting the defaults.  Make sure you select the option to have a desktop icon. CollaborateMD will now be installed and should automatically start up.  If it doesn't, you can click on the icon or by choosing Start > All Programs > CollaborateMD.


Alternatives for Setting Up a New User

To view a printable version of this form click here. 

After completion, please fax the form to (901) 756-8541.


You may also setup a new user account over the phone by calling PFMS at (901) 756-7113.


New UserName

CMD Account Setup Form

Fill out each of the following fields as accurately as possible.  If you do not know an answer please say so as some pertain to installation of the software.

First & Last Name                             * USERNAME


Practice/Client's Name


Email Address (to send confirmation)


Phone Number (for issues/support)


Have you Answered the 4 Questions?







CollaborateMD Training & Support

 Both Physicians Financial & Management Services & CollaborateMD have information pertaining to the  use and support of the CollaborateMD billing software program.  Below are the available methods to get help.


  PFMS Telephone Contact for help/support with CollaborateMD:  (901) 756-7113

  CollaborateMD's training & education portal:

  PFMS' help & support for CollaborateMD program: